A unique escape of relaxation

Open Daily: 10:00AM to 11PM

  • Infusion massage
  • 60min USD30 / 90min     USD40

Aid a natural healing tool - Ongkunh (a natural Nut-Seed), infuse warm aromatic oil “lavender, Eucalyptus and lemongrass to invigorate, relieve fatigue and make your massage a blissful experience. our therapist will perform a personalized massage taking your Elemental Nature into account utilizing multiple massage styles including Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology, all in an effort to re-establish balance.

  • Therapeutic Deep Massage
  • 60min.USD28 / 90min     USD35

Alleviate & Restore deep layers of muscle tissue strained & pain pattern from   
everyday stress, chronic of tension and lactic acid build up, if muscle is constantly worked out strenuously, it may lose its ability to contract, a condition called fatigue. Concentrated firm strokes, pressure points, joint mobility and gentle localized stretces will relieve tension and relax muscle.

  • Traditional Khmer Massage
  • 60min.USD25

Traditional Khmer Therapeutic Massage called “Chab Ta Shai” A vigorous, firm pressure point, rubbing, kneading and rocking massage for effective pain and tension relief. The massage complete with heat herbal pack to enhance healing and soothe aching & painful muscles.

  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • 60min.USD25 /90min    USD30

A yoga-like stretching, a deep, full-body treatment that is both stimulating and relaxing. Pressure-point massage along the body’s ten major energy channels “SEN LINE”, releases blocked energy, increasing awareness and vitality. Gentle stretching of the joints and muscles relieves tension, enhances flexibility, and induces a deep state of tranquility.