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La Villa du Bonheur

Treat your self to a little indulgence at La villa du bunheur after exploring the
temples of Angkor. Besides the full range of massage, herbal body scrub, facial cleansing, facial relaxing & rejuvenation, a range of Cambodian treatments
is available for guests to explore the ancient Khmer rituals.

Reservation: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Full Leg Relaxation
45min USD20 / 60min USD30

High-intensity effort while you explore the world heritage monuments causes a natural healthy pain or soreness, which is most likely to arise from a major exertion. An accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle is a result of anaerobic respiration. This massage design to relax and relieve tension out of the muscles.

Foot Reflexology
45min USD20

By exerting a controlled pressure on certain points of the feet, practitioners of a form of therapy called reflexology claim to be able to relieve symptoms in other, unrelated, parts of the body. Reflexology has evolved from an ancient form of pressure therapy known to many civilizations, including the Egyptian, as early as 3000B.C.

Aromatic relaxing massage
60min USD 25 / 90min USD 32

Our most relaxing and aromatic massage with a choice of ten, specially customizes blended oils, design to relax, relief, revitalize. A light, firm pressure gliding infuse with Swedish massage techniques; this soothing and gentle massage allows the
healing properties of these natural oils to penetrate into the skin leaving you relaxed and with a sense of well being. A definite jet lag tonic!